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News On The SUSPIRIA Remake Within!

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Dario Argento's 1977 classic Horror film SUSPIRIA is considered by many fans to be one of the very best movies ever made. Plans to create a remake were talked about for a while but never amounted to anything. There has even plans for the film taking the possible television series route, but today we bring you some news on the remake idea.

Director David Gordon Green came really close to remaking SUSPIRIA a few years ago but it was halted and crushed as financial issues were to blame. Up until now there hasn't been any real SUSPIRIA remake news going on and Green himself has previously said that he did not think that the remake would ever happen. Now a different tune is coming out of the director's mouth.

Speaking with Crave Online, Green updates the world on the return of the SUSPIRIA remake idea saying:

"I’m actually hopeful that it’s happening with a great Italian director that I had breakfast with last week.”

Green also spoke about the vision that he has for the possible film:

"I wrote it with my sound designer. I love Argento’s film and we wrote a very faithful, extremely elegant opera, basically of [Suspiria]. I don’t mean musical opera, but it would be incredibly heightened music, and heightened and very operatic and elegant sets. Isabelle Huppert was going to be in it, [and] Janet McTeer. We had an amazing cast of elegance and prestige that we were engineering for it.”

Whether or not this new idea will have any effect on the possible TV series is unknown at this point.

We will continue to bring you more on all things SUSPIRIA as they unfolds.
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