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a blog i posted on myspace today

Roy Scheider RIP you will be missedto me this is a sad pasng of a movie star. im not the type to go gaga over a celbrity, in fact i typically dislike them 99.99999% of the time as i feel they are inncere jackasses who are nothing special. they just happen to make a lot of cash being in movies.

that being said this celebrity death is different to me. if it wasnt for Jaws i probably never would be as into horror movies as i am now.

if i recall correctly (and im sure my ster will correct me if im wrong) Jaws was the first modern horror movie i was allowed to watch. The first time i saw Jaws it scared the ever loving shit out of me but also gave me a newfound facination with sharks. i picked up every shark book i could find at the library after seeing it. It also was the first taste of "gore" i saw in a movie (this was a pretty bloody movie for being PG afterall)

the movie woked on many levels and it wasnt the shark or the special effects. it was the well rounded cast and superb acting that made it work.and Roy Scheider was a huge reason why it worked.he brought so much class to an otherwise inferior Jaws 2 and made that movie 5 times as good as it deserved to be.

had the movie not been good i may not have become the horror fan that i am. and for that i thank you Roy for all the years of entertainment you have provided for me

you will be missed!
Johnny Bisco Tuesday 2/12/2008 at 01:09 AM | 2400