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Must See Official Trailer For THE HIVE Arrives!

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Comic-con was a hotbed for lot's of new footage of all types of upcoming projects and films. During the Nerdist Industries panel Chris Hardwick debuted the first full-length trailer (see below) for the new Horror film THE HIVE which is of course presented by Nerdist.

Described as “the most horrifying love story ever!” by Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn, THE HIVE is a cross genre thriller which stars Gabriel Basso, Kathryn Prescott, Jacob Zachar and Gabrielle Walsh.


"When Camp Yellow Jacket falls into chaos, teen counselor Adam wakes up in a boarded up cabin with no memory of who or where he is. His only clue as to what’s happening are the notes he’s scrawled for himself on the walls and the disturbing physical transformation he must overcome. The only memories he has aren’t his own, yet those memories may be the key to Adam’s survival."

The film turns genre convention on its head to tell a story that taps into the anxiety and emotions we’ve discovered in a post online world. In the same way George Romero sought to comment on consumerism in the 1970’s, David Yarovesky has found a parable for the digital age.

THE HIVE is coming to theaters and VOD platforms this fall.
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