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Update On The Horror Anthology A CHRISTMAS HORROR STORY - Video Clip Within!

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Yet another Horror anthology is coming your way and this time it is Christmas centered. From directors Steven Hoban, Grant Harvey and Brett Sullivan, comes A CHRISTMAS HORROR STORY. We have learned that the film has just been picked up for U.S. release by RLJ/Image. This good news comes just before it's upcoming Fantasia International Film Festival premiere.

The film stars William Shatner, George Buza, Percy Hynes White, and Rob Archer.

A CHRISTMAS HORROR STORY is set in Bailey Downs. “Here, on Christmas Eve, joy is corrupted when a malevolent spirit traps three teens in a school basement intent on recreating a twisted version of the Nativity story. Peace is shattered when a family returns from a snowy forest with the perfect Christmas tree only to find something is terrifyingly wrong with their seven-year-old son. And goodwill is perverted when a not-so-nice family is hunted down by Krampus, the demonic anti-Santa Claus of Nordic mythology. Even Santa Claus himself is drawn into the horror when he has to fight off a horde of howling Zombie Elves before making his rounds. This Christmas, the creatures are stirring and they’re coming for you whether you’re naughty or nice.”

A CHRISTMAS HORROR STORY brings a scary twist to the traditional Christmas tale,” said RLJ’s Chief Acquisitions Officer, Mark Ward. “With the legendary William Shatner and Horribly fantastic creatures, genre fans will never see this happy holiday the same way again.”

A CHRISTMAS HORROR STORY will premiere on July 20th at the Fantasia Film Festival in Montreal.
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