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BLOOD MOON Is Coming To DVD/VOD- See Trailer Within!

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Werewolf Horror movies can be a lot of fun. The idea of someone getting bitten by another werewelf and then they themselves shifting shape under the moonlight is a very interesting concept. Some films about werewolves have been scary while others not so much. Today we bring you word on director Jeremy Wooding's upcoming lycanthrope western tale BLOOD MOON. It is heading to DVD and VOD in September and we have the trailer for you down below.

BLOOD MOON stars Shaun Dooley, George Blagden, Anna Skellern, and Corey Johnson.


"A werewolf Western set in a remote mining town where a stagecoach full of passengers are held hostage by two outlaws on the run from the law. But events take an unexpected turn when the group fall prey to a mythical creature known to locals as a skin walker. They must settle their differences and combine their strengths if they're going survive the night of a blood red Moon."

BLOOD MOON is coming to DVD and VOD in North America on September 1st.
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