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A New Killer Arrives In This Trailer For SUSPENSION!

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Yesterday we brought you the news that the summer camp slasher LUMBERJACK MAN had joined the After Dark Films revivial of 8 Films to Die For. The list also includes RE-KILL, MURDER IN THE DARK, and THE WICKED WITHIN. We have now learned that director Jeffery Scott Lando's Horror movie SUSPENSION has joined the fold. Head on down below to check out the trailer.

SUSPENSION stars Sage Brocklebank, Ellen MacNevin, Steve Richmond, Rustin Gresiuk, Taylor Russell and Duncan Ollerenshaw.


"Emily is a high-school student with a penchant for drawing gruesome pictures in her sketchbook. There's a reason for her obsession with horrific images: Her father Tom once went on a murder spree and is now residing in a mental hospital. On a night she's home alone babysitting her mute little brother, Tom escapes and targets Emily and her friends during a bloody killing rampage."

All 8 Films to Die For will be hitting theatres October 16th.
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