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A New Teaser Trailer For Z NATION Season 2 Is Within!

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Z NATION is a Horror based drama set in a post apocalyptic world filled with deadly flesh eaters. Season one debuted on Syfy last year and consisted of 13 episodes. The series was recently renewed for a second season. This time around, the character of Murphy continues on the journey to reach California and finds that his powers have been well recognized by others thus making him a major target for some new characters. Head on down below to view the brand new teaser trailer.

"This season everybody's looking for a cure, and Murphy's identity kind of blows up, and that makes for a whole new level of danger for our characters because everybody's after Murphy now," showrunner Karl Schaefer told TV Geek Talk, adding that "there are things to do with his blood besides a vaccine, and that becomes a big part of season 2."

Of the many survivors tracking Murphy, one will become a series regular. Played by Matt Cedeno, the untitled character will have major success tracking Garnett's (Tom Everett Scott) old crew, slinking along in the shadows behind them.

Z NATION returns to Syfy on September 11th with an extended 15 episode season.
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