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New Freddy Silicone Mask?

Does anyone know who is making these and are these available?

Horror Domain - Cursed Evil Overlord Sunday 11/23/2008 at 01:05 AM | 25096
krueger4653 Sunday 11/23/2008 at 01:28 AM | 25098
Christian Cocco.

He sells licone Freddys on ebay from time to time, don't know if this veron is for sale yet.

Snoballz Sunday 11/23/2008 at 02:26 AM | 25100
I want one!

I've been hunting for a good licone Freddy mask for while, glad they are becoming a bit more frequent these days.

It really looks fantastic.
DarkArtist81 Sunday 11/23/2008 at 04:44 AM | 25105
I found one of these on ebay and my jaw hit the floor when I saw the price. This guy's asking $1,605 for it.

krueger4653 Sunday 11/23/2008 at 06:34 AM | 25110
I found one of these on ebay and my jaw hit the floor when I saw the price. This guy's asking $1,605 for it.That one isn't from Christian.

It was a private commison from Compote Effects.

IIRC, he paid a lot more than $1600 to have that mask made.

CFX shipped the painted first pull along with the mold with full rights to reproduce them to Alches Hellborn. It was the only one in existence until they started selling one very milar a few weeks later. CFX calls their veron Extra Toasty. Kinda shady buness if you ask me.
Snoballz Sunday 11/23/2008 at 06:08 PM | 25126
That's from Bear right? . . . . . . . too soon?
DaShape Sunday 11/23/2008 at 09:30 PM | 25147
misfit Monday 11/24/2008 at 02:32 AM | 25188

Monkeys bite me! $1600 bucks?? Is better come with all 8 NOES films autographed by Englund..
L√úCKMANN Monday 11/24/2008 at 12:21 PM | 25211
Damn that thing is amazing.

Too bad about the price.
deathrisingup Monday 11/24/2008 at 01:11 PM | 25218
It certainly is amazing but I agree the price is too much for me but damn is it nice.
cropsy Monday 11/24/2008 at 10:43 PM | 25260
Wow, that is bad ass!

Too rich for my blood, though.
Evildsm Tuesday 11/25/2008 at 04:13 PM | 25446
wow thast a very good one
TekNik Wednesday 11/26/2008 at 12:27 AM | 25551