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Back in June we learned the exciting news that a re-calibrated HALLOWEEN installment is officially in the works. The film will simply be titled HALLOWEEN RETURNS and will be directed by none other than Marcus Dunstan. He along with Patrick Melton make up the writing duo in charge of the script.

Dunstan recently spoke with the guys from Shane's World about HALLOWEEN RETURNS. He was very secretive in his delivery but did say that the story will follow the original installments which John Carpenter was responsible for, and that this new film will be influenced by a tragedy in Dunstan's personal life, which was the murder of a family member. The characters in the new movie will be dealing with the loss of loved ones, who were murdered by Michael Myers, and have the question in mind, what would they do if they had the chance to confront the killer?

As the interview went on Dustan explained that there is a much deeper meaning to the title of the film than just implying that the franchise is returning saying:

"If you commit a violent act, sometimes you get returns. What are the repercussions of being a violent entity?"

When asked about casting, the director did not reveal anything there but did add that they have conducted some motion tests with potential Michael's and says that it has been fun to watch the evolution of their performances while trying to get the movement of The Shape just right.

Not a lot of new information was unveiled as things are being kept under wraps but at least we know that this one is still in motion from the mouth of the director.

We will continue to bring you more news on HALLOWEEN RETURNS as it unfolds.
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