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Trailer Arrives For Horror Anthology IN THE DARK!

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A Horror anthology can be a very special thing if given the right set of stories told along with compatible execution. Films such as CREEPSHOW, V/H/S, TRICK 'R TREAT, and ABC'S OF DEATH have offered this type of Horror delight in the past. One such project that is coming soon is Chris St. Croix and David Bucherts' IN THE DARK. Head on down below to view the trailer that has just arrived.

The segments directed by St. Croix are titled "The Keeper" and "To Be Loved." Buchert's directed segments are titled "Dummy" and "The Motel."


"When two killers hiding out in a rundown motel discover a bag of videotapes, they realize that the horror isn't only on the TV screen. An axe wielding maniac, a murderous matchmaker, and a sin-slaying creature from Hell wait for them... IN THE DARK."

Gravitas Ventures will be releasing IN THE DARK on VOD October 6th.
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