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Official Trailer Arrives For EASTER SUNDAY Starring Robert Z'Dar!

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Holiday Slasher movies have taken all types of shapes and sizes over the years. From BLACK CHRISTMAS to NEW YEAR'S EVIL it seemed that no holiday was safe. Get ready for writer/director Jeremy Todd Morehead's upcoming 80's throwback EASTER SUNDAY. The official trailer has made it's way online and you will find it down below.

The late Robert Z’Dar stars alongside Morehead, Edward X. Young, Jason Delgado, Paige Taylor, Christine Galbraith, William Bozarth, Jon McKoy, Travis Marion, Shawn C. Phillips and Ari Lehamn (The original Jason Voorhees).


"It has been 24 years since the deranged serial killer Douglas Fisher was executed by police on Easter night. This year, a group of hard-partying teenagers not only raise some hell, but literally raise the dead! The teens accidentally conjure the spirit of Douglas Fisher... AKA the bunny masked killer! These teens have until midnight on Easter to stop the evil bunny slasher, or he will tear their town - and everyone in it - to pieces."

EASTER SUNDAY will make its world premiere at the Bright Box Theater in Winchester, Virginia as part of the Four States Slasher Con October 16th.
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