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Crazy Trailer For ZOMBIE CROC Is Within!

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The swamp filled waters can be a very frightening place. Full of snakes and Crocodiles, injury or death is the just around the corner. Just imagine if one of those Crocodiles were to be resurrected from the dead using some voodoo. Crazy right? From director Robert Elkins comes his upcoming low budget Horror ZOMBIE CROC. You can view the official trailer down below.

ZOMBIE CROC stars Elkins along with Brittney Scalf, Apryl Crowell, Crystal Howell, Tony Jones, Lafnmn Jones. Ken Peebles, Dewey Brandon Collins, Vivian Thompson, Linda Witt, David Witt, Jerry Eugene Long, and Alyssa Wheaton.

With production now completed on ZOMBIE CROC, expect this one out next year from American Eyesore Productions and World Wide Multimedia.
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