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Trailer For Supernatural Horror TRACE Is Within!

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The micro-budget based company Terror Films along with first time director Ryan Brookhart have pulled together to create the film TRACE. It deals with a form of Electronic Voice Phenomena and some unknown supernatural forces. The film is now available to watch and we have the trailer for you down below.

TRACE stars Nick Fink, August Roads, Jesse Pepe, Maddie McGuire, Samantha Lee, Sam Valentine, Jerod Meagher, Mike Capozzi, Jeremiah Benjamin, and Herion Mustafaraj.


"One night at a party, a group of friends experiment with trace phenomena – a form of EVP (Electronic voice phenomena), however, one by one the friends begin dying and soon realize a door to a horrific realm has been opened. It’s a race against time and demonic forces to sever the transmission save themselves and prevent the demon from entering our world."

TRACE is now available on DVD and VOD.
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