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Spoiler On Major WALKING DEAD Character Within!

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THE WALKING DEAD Season 6 has really been taking the audience on quite a roller coaster ride so far this time around. We saw the group following Rick's plan of trying to relocate the walkers when things went south very quickly. There is also a little romance going on and we even have a new mother to be on the show. There's also the lingering question of is Glenn still alive? We will all have to wait to have that one answered however some big information on a major character has come in.

**Spoilers below**

We have learned that Jeffery Dean Morgan has been officially cast in the role of Negan. This character from the comic series is the evil leader of the group called The Saviors. There is great speculation that he could be revealed as the one behind The Wolves.

For those not familiar with the comics, it should be noted that Negan is the ultimate bad guy, much more so than even the Governor in which he wields a barbed wire covered bat named Lucille.

Word is that Negan will be arriving in the Season 6 finale in which Greg Nicotero will be directing. Production on the finale is beginning this week in Atlanta.

Timothy Olyphant, Matt Dillon and Garret Dillahunt were all up for the role of Negan but when the smoke cleared, Morgan walked away with the role. He is best known for his performance as The Comedian in the movie WATCHMEN.

THE WALKING DEAD airs Sundays on AMC.
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