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Official Trailer Arrives For DWELLING!

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If you are a fan of things that go bump in the night, you might like what we have for you today. BeWILdered Media Productions & Mecca Pictures are gearing up to bring us their new paranormal Horror film DWELLING. The movie is written and directed by Kyle Mecca and is produced by Brandyn T. Williams and Arlynn Knauff. Head on down below to view the official trailer that has arrived.

DWELLING stars Erin Marie Hogan, Mu-Shaka Benson, Abigail Mary, Bill Brown, Alexandra Merritt Mathews, Fattie King, Josie DiVincenzo, Makenzy Glover, and Emma Stablewski.


"DWELLING is a paranormal Horror film about a young woman, Ellie (Erin Marie Hogan), who deliberately buys a haunted house in attempt to make contact with the spirit world. Driven by a horrific experience in her past involving her sister, River (Devanny Pinn), Ellie is willing to put herself and family at risk to seek the truth. In doing so, Ellie releases a soul that is more malevolent and terrifying than she could ever imagine. Something dwells in the house called Amara…and it wants to get out."

DWELLING is expected to be released sometime in 2016.
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