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Official Trailer For Upcoming Horror DEMENTIA Is Within!

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The fear of getting a Horrible disease that would affect your memory or make you constantly confused is something that is very real. Now factor in that the person who was hired to take care of you has evil intentions, what do you do? Such is the case for director Mike Testin as he prepares for the release of his upcoming Horror film DEMENTIA. Head on down below to get a look at the official trailer.

DEMENTIA stars Kristina Klebe, Gene Jones, Richard Riehle, Marc Senter, Peter Cilella, Graham Skipper, Molly McQueen, Tony Denison, and Hassie Harrison.


"An aging war veteran who suffers a stroke and is diagnosed with dementia. He is forced by his estranged family to hire a live-in nurse, only to find that she harbors a sinister secret."

DEMENTIA will been in select theaters courtesy of IFC Midnight along with a VOD release on December 4th.
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