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BIGFOOT VS ZOMBIES Is Coming To DVD - Trailer Is Within!

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Zombies have become part of our pop culture. The idea of the dead rising and bringing death and misery to those in their path is what these hungry corpses do. We have seen them being put into all types of different crazy scenarios and situations and today a new platform for them arrives. Director Uwe Boll brings us his upcoming film titled BIGFOOT VS ZOMBIES. This one comes to DVD in February courtesy of Wild Eye Releasing. Head on down below to see the trailer.

Brian Burnette and Mark Schmid were signed on as screenwriters. Willi Kamarad, Ulrich P. Bruckner, Carey Borth, and Natalie Boll are attached as producers.


"A scientist creates a toxic cocktail that slowly leaks into the local population, creating flesh-eating zombies – and only one creature of legend can stop the growing hordes of the undead."

BIGFOOT VS ZOMBIES comes to DVD on February 23, 2016.
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