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Freaky Trailer For Headtrip Horror AIMY IN A CAGE Is Within!

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Mild altering situations can be very terrifying. Writer/director Hooroo Jackson prepares for the release of his Headtrip Horror flick AIMY IN A CAGE. The film is described as a cross between Stanley Kubrick and Tim Burton's efforts. The bright colors and odd moments will certainly make anyone uncomfortable is the best of ways. Head on down below to see the trippy trailer.

AIMY IN A CAGE stars Allisyn Ashley Arm, Terry Moore, Paz de La Huerta, and Crispin Glover.


"A creative teenage girl, Aimy Micry, who is placed into a mind-altering procedure to civilize her while news of a virus epidemic spreads throughout the world."

Osiris Entertainment is bringing AIMY IN A CAGE to DVD and VOD January 8, 2016.
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