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Update On TRICK 'R TREAT 2!

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2008 saw the release of writer/director Michael Dougherty's Halloween anthology TRICK 'R TREAT. The film took elements from our favorite holiday and did the Horror world justice with a solid effort. Centering around a character named Sam, the movie told different stories all based around Halloween Terror.

A sequel was announced way back in 2013 and since then we have been patiently waiting to find out when TRICK 'R TREAT 2 would finally be arriving.

Dougherty's new Christmas time Horror film KRAMPUS hits theaters this weekend. With that film now finished he spoke with B-D and made it known that he hopes to be able to finally focus his energy on TRICK 'R TREAT 2. He offered a bit of an update on the status of the film saying that:

"TRICK 'R TREAT 2 is a really rough outline at the moment."

From the sound of things we will have to continue waiting patiently to see Sam once again. But at least the film is still in the plans.

We will continue to keep you updated on TRICK 'R TREAT 2 as we hear it.
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