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Changes Are Made For Upcoming FRIDAY THE 13TH Film - The Very Latest Within!

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Another FRIDAY THE 13TH movie has been being talked about since 2009's release of the reboot. Bringing Jason Voorhees back to screens across the world is much more difficult than originally planned. With delays populating the situation, the release date for the upcoming film sits in 2017 as of now.

We recently brought you word that original FRIDAY THE 13TH director Sean S. Cunningham, who serves as producer on the new film, shot down rumors about the notion that things could be taking place during the winter season. He also reassured everyone that a found footage direction is still not going to happen.

Not long ago we learned that writer Nick Antosca had turned in his finished draft for the new FRIDAY THE 13TH movie by way of Paramount and Platinum Dunes and apparently his script wasn't what the studio was looking for as Paramount then started taking fresh pitches from writers. This wasn't the first script to have been denied for the project as the previous draft was penned by Richard Naing and Ian Goldberg.

New hope is now on the horizon as we have just learned the news that PRISONERS screenwriter Aaron Guzikowski is in negotiations to write a new script for FRIDAY THE 13TH. Hopefully he can create something magical that the studio will take to, and more importantly a story that will please fans worldwide. Guzikowski's PRISONERS went over well and he has even been picked to write the reboot of THE WOLF MAN.

With the addition of a new writer, we have also learned that David Bruckner is no longer set to be directing the film. Platinum Dunes let him out of his attachment since it will be a while until a new story is formed. Bruckner could return to direct but he is not slated for the spot at this point.

Brad Fuller of Platinum Dunes previously made mention that he has hopes for expanding the mythology of Jason and wanting to bring things back to summer camp.

FRIDAY THE 13TH is currently set for release on January 13th 2017.

We will continue to keep you updated on all things FRIDAY THE 13TH as we hear it.
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