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THE LEGEND OF WASCO Is Coming - Trailer Within!

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If you are one of the many people who fear clowns you may want to turn and run in the other direction, although you probably aren't reading this right now. Sometime last year there were stories and pictures of creepy clowns appearing in Wasco California. It left the world wondering what that was all about. Writer Nathan Erdel and directors Shane Beasley and Leya Taylor prepare for the release of their upcoming Horror film THE LEGEND OF WASCO. Head on down below and click the blue button to watch the trailer on Vimeo.

Beasley stars in the film along with Jason Crowe, Dan Nye, Jessica Schroeder, Arthur Cullipher, Kirk Chastain, Kate Braun, and Ellie Church.


"A clown performer and his future brother in-law create a web sensation by dressing up as the infamous Wasco clown and posting pictures on social media. They unwittingly resurrect the real Wasco and his henchmen. As murders rock the community, the friends band together to send the evil clowns back to the grave."

Uncork'd will bring THE LEGEND OF WASCO to Redbox and digital platforms December 15th.
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