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Update On THE MUMMY Reboot Within!

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It is well known that Universal has decided to take it's Classic monsters and give them reboots. The studio is in the process of bringing them back to life on the big screen, with the idea of creating it's own universe to where characters can cross over from different films.

One of the projects in particular that is now on the forefront is a reboot for THE MUMMY. This film has been through a lot of difficulties and now with the rumors of Tom Cruise's involvement having been shot down, we bring you a fresh update.

There has been mention of having a female lead for the re-imagining and it appears that those plans may actually be happening as actress Sofia Boutella is now currently in talks to take on the title role of the Mummy. Boutella is known for her work in KINGSMAN: THE SECRET SERVICE, STREETDANCE 2, and will also be part of the upcoming STAR TREK BEYOND.

THE MUMMY reboot is being written by Jon Spaihts and will be set in the modern day.

Directed by Alex Kurtzman, expect THE MUMMY in theaters on March 24, 2017.
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