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THE RING Will Face THE GRUDGE In The Upcoming Film SADAKO VS. KAYAKO - Teaser Within!

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The idea of bringing two icons together on screen to do battle is usually a special thing. Many years ago the world received FRANKENSTEIN MEETS THE WOLF MAN, and back in 2003 we all witnessed FREDDY VS JASON. Once again two more icons will be doing battle.

Kadokawa studios have made the announcement that they are joining forces with NBCUniversal to bring their respective franchises in unison for the first time ever. Sadako from THE RING will take on Kayako from THE GRUDGE in the upcoming J-Horror film SADAKO VS. KAYAKO.

At this point the only cast member announced is actress Mizuki Yamamoto who will portray the character of Yūri Kurahashi, a young woman with a strong sense of justice who finds herself in the middle of the evil spirit battle. Kōji Shiraishi is on board to direct.

The idea for this film started out as a joke on April Fool's Day. The JU-ON: THE FINAL marketing team made a mock THE RING VS JU-ON website and it turned into a fan feeding frenzy. The buzz was so mega that the decision was made to create an actual movie pitting the two dark forces together.

SADAKO VS. KAYAKO will is expected to arrive in Japan June 2016.
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