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Official Trailer For 80's Style Slasher IN THE HELL OF DIXIE Is Within!

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Paying tribute to the style of filmmaking from the 1980's is something that a lot of directors are gravitating to these days. Take for instance the upcoming slasher IN THE HELL OF DIXIE. The film comes from director Eric F. Adams who also stars in this self financed, shot in 16mm film. Head on down below to check out the official trailer.

Also starring in the film with Adams are Tom Bubrig, Emilia Graves, and Janet L'Aube.


"Every town has its secrets. During one terrifying night, Gloster, Louisiana, lets its darkest one out. Deep in the woods of southern Louisiana, a masked killer stalks members of a local hunting club. As blood trails begin to connect the victims, police deputy Ned Annison finds himself caught in the middle, pursued by both the killer and the town sheriff, who believes Ned is the man responsible. Always one step ahead, Ned works to stop the killer and clear his name, only to find that some friendships end in blood."

IN THE HELL OF DIXIE comes to DVD January 26, 2016.
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