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Game Changing News Regarding The HALLOWEEN Franchise!

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As most of you know it was made known to the world back in June that a re-calibrated HALLOWEEN installment was officially in the works. The film would simply be titled HALLOWEEN RETURNS and was set to be directed by Marcus Dunstan. He along with Patrick Melton would make up the writing duo in charge of the script. Then we heard that they were going back to the drawing board. Today we bring you an update on things.

According to B-D, the HALLOWEEN franchise may be parting ways with Dimension Films, the company that has been producing the films for more the 20 years now.

Allegedly, the company no longer holds the rights to HALLOWEEN and Malek Akkad is starting over with Miramax. As a new distributor is being searched for, one can only assume that plans for the HALLOWEEN RETURNS idea could be scrapped.

Only time will tell just where the HALLOWEEN franchise will go from here at this point.

We will continue to follow this story as it unfolds.
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