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Trailer For 80's Style Slasher CAMP KILLER Is Within!

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Most any time that a new killer at camp film arises, the curiosity becomes really strong. The team behind CHAINSAW SALLY bring you an 80's style slasher written and directed by Shawn Jones titled CAMP KILLER. We have the theatrical trailer along with a clip from the movie waiting for you below.

CAMP KILLER stars JimmyO Burril, April Monique Burril, Melissa O'Brien, James Watkins, and the original Jason Voorhees Ari Lehman.


"JimmyO Burril is the sheriff of the town plagued by an unstoppable killer. As they meet up one last time, a pair of survivors complicate matters for the worse. Who will be left standing and what will remain of their sanity?"

Look for CAMP KILLER sometime in 2016.
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