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Official Trailer For OVER YOUR DEAD BODY Is Within!

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Get ready for a modern take on one of Japan’s most famous ghost stories as director Takashi Miike prepares for the release of his upcoming Horror film OVER YOUR DEAD BODY. Taking its cue from the art of Kabuki, the terrifying tale unfolds within the walls of a theater where a troupe of players are in rehearsals for a production of Yotsuya Kaidan, a 200-year-old tale of murder, betrayal, and phantasmagorical vengeance. Head on down below to view the official trailer.

OVER YOUR DEAD BODY stars Ko Shibasaki, Maiko, and Hitomi Katayama.


"A beautiful actress plays the protagonist in a new play based on a legendary ghost story. She pulls some strings to get her lover cast in the play, although he's a relatively unknown actor. With the cast in place, rehearsals for the play, about an abusive relationship and a grudge, begin. But off stage, some begin to develop their own obsessions. Trapped between the play and reality, they are horrified to find that a real grudge can cross the blurred line between reality and fantasy. Will love flourish? Or has it already turned hideously dark?"

OVER YOUR DEAD BODY comes to Blu-ray, DVD, and VOD on January 5th.
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