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Trailer For MR. LOCKJAW Is Inside!

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If you are ready for a little dummy Horror then you should enjoy what we have for you today. From creators Justin Craig and Byron Conrad Erwin comes the drama series titled MR. LOCKJAW. It tells the tale of a disturbed ventriloquist that is torn between his mundane aspirations and the sinister desires of his dummy alter ego, Mr. Lockjaw.

MR. LOCKJAW stars Troy Halverson, Levi Burdick, and Mark Ashworth.

Story details:

MR. LOCKJAW tells the story of Miles Brimley, a struggling children's entertainer who is dragged into the underworld of criminal interrogation and torture by his deranged dummy, Mr. Lockjaw. Finding his hole dug deeper and deeper, Miles has no choice but to give in to Mr. Lockjaw's increasingly dangerous desires. A glimmer of hope appears for him in Gwyneth, a recovering drug addict who hopes that her childhood bond with Miles can help her escape painful memories. Miles and Lockjaw's situation is further complicated by the crumbling empire of their once powerful employer, Hubaldus Hercolani; his number one in command, Leonard Stanley; and a blackmailed police officer, Bill Preslin. If that weren't enough to contend with, Detective Schafley, a by the book gumshoe, is pulled into a murder case with Miles as the prime suspect... or should that be Mr. Lockjaw?"

You can watch the pilot episode of MR. LOCKJAW now at Vimeo On Demand.
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