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Leaked Images Of The New GODZILLA Emerge!

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We are still two years away from getting a sequel to the 2014 American blockbuster GODZILLA, but that doesn't mean that the King of the Monsters will be waiting until then to reappear on the big screen. Toho Studios, along with directors Hideaki Anno and Shinji Higuchigear gear up to bring their Japanese version to life this summer with GODZILLA RESURGENCE.

This will mark the 29th Toho GODZILLA film and up until now we have only gotten a look at what the big guy will look like from the poster pictured above. We have for you today some images which have leaked online showing the newest GODZILLA up close and personal.

This particular Godzilla stands 389 feet tall, which will be the tallest version to date. He will be operated in the film using animatronics, puppetry, digital enhancements, and three suit operators.

GODZILLA RESURGENCE will be released in Japan on July 29, 2016.
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