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Huge News On Universal's THE INVISIBLE MAN Reboot!

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It was made known quite some time ago that Universal had decided to take it's Classic monsters and give them reboots. The studio is still in the process of bringing them back to life on screen, with the idea of creating it's own universe to where characters can cross over from different films. Tom Cruise and Sofia Boutella recently signed on to star in a new version of THE MUMMY with Alex Kurtzman directing. Kurtzman will be overseeing all of the Universal Monster reboots along with Chris Morgan.

We have learned that Johnny Depp will be taking on the main role in the upcoming reboot of THE INVISIBLE MAN.

Depp has dabbled in the Horror genre before appearing in films such as A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET, SLEEPY HOLLOW, FROM HELL, SECRET WINDOW, THE NINTH GATE, SWEENEY TODD, DARK SHADOWS, and TUSK.

At this time there has been no director announced but we do know that Ed Solomon will be writing the script for THE INVISIBLE MAN.

Original Synopsis:

"A chemist uses a dangerous drug to turn invisible. The transformation leaves him jealous, paranoid and psychotic and leads to a killing spree."

We will continue to bring you more on THE INVISIBLE MAN reboot as we hear it.
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