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Trailer Arrives For Horror Flick HOME Starring Heather Langenkamp!

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Haunted house stories have always offered ideas for making a Horror movie. Countless films like that have been released throughout the years with many failing to get the job done with others towering above the rest. One upcoming haunted house flick that really looks worth checking out comes from writer/director Frank Lin and is titled HOME. Another good reason to check this one out is that Heather Langenkamp has a starring role. Head on down below to have a look at the trailer.

Joining Langenkamp in the cast are Samantha Mumba, Lew Temple, Aaron Hill, Oto Brezina, Lou Glenn, Alison Dahlstrom and Alessandra Shelby-Farmer.


"Carrie, a religious fundamentalist, is stunned when her mother, Heather, decides to come-out-of-the-closet and marry another woman. Heather and her new wife also share a 10 year old daughter. Now, Carrie is forced to move into a new house, with a family she cannot accept. “Home” takes place over the first two days at the strange house, as the new parents leave for a business trip and Carrie alone must take care of her new step sister. As creepy occurrences lead to full blown terror, Carrie must learn to overcome her own fears and beliefs to save her little sister."

HOME heads to VOD and DVD on March 1st.
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