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Official Trailer Arrives For DEADLY FAMOUS!

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The pitfalls of Hollywood creates an American Psycho in the upcoming, unnerving film from directors Jim Lane & Eric Troop titled DEADLY FAMOUS. The movie takes an interesting look into the life of a very twisted serial killer. Head on down below to have a look at the official trailer.

DEADLY FAMOUS stars Jackie Moore, Eric Roberts, Tiffany Adams, Juliette Beavan, and Daniel O’Meara.


"People go missing every day and most of them won't be missed. At least that's what Alan, a narcissist with an inflated opinion of himself, who thinks the world is full of stupid people or ants as he calls them, believes. The world is full of dark stories about sinister figures who live off the hopes and dreams of people trying to survive. So what happens when you have a reclusive, former famous narcissist, whose side hobby is murdering young women, who's new roommate is the perfect California blonde? Let's just say his hobby becomes a full time occupation and the puppet master becomes the one pulling the strings..."

DEADLY FAMOUS will be available on VOD this month.
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