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Big Name Returning For The Next CHUCKY Movie!

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2013 saw the release of CURSE OF CHUCKY, a film that was mostly well received. When it comes to the future of what Chucky will be up to, creator Don Mancini seems to always have the creative wheels turning.

Back in February of last year Mancini let the world know that he was working on a script for the next Chucky movie which offered fans something to chew on for a while. In November he encouraged fans to be patient on the next installment.

Fast forward to the present where Mancini and a possibly returning Jennifer Tilly offering a glimmer of hope for the next Chucky film posting on Twitter:

From the above statements, it seems that the cameras could possibly be rolling sometime in the near future.

Nothing is confirmed as of now pertaining to when filming may begin, or if Tilly is officially on board. She has previously played Chucky's female counterpart Tiffany in a trio of movies.

Only time will tell as to how it all will play out. We will certainly bring you more on CHUCKY 7 as it unfolds.
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