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Another TERMINATOR Movie Is Coming!

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Arnorld Schwarzenegger has no doubt made something very special happen with the TERIMINATOR franchise. He has appeared as the cybernetic killing machine in all 5 of the TERMINATOR films. It looks as though yet another sequel could be coming.

Schwarzenegger recently spoke in an interview for Australia's Channel 9 and said on the topic of if there will be a TERMINATOR 6:

"I am looking forward to it, absolutely,"

He did not offer any further details on the subject. It looks as though another TERMINATOR movie can very well be in our future. The film is yet to be confirmed by Paramount.

This move is considered odd as the previous entry TERMINATOR: GENYSIS failed to live up to what the studio was hoping for. The movie pulled in a global theatrical take of well over $500 million.

If a TERMINATOR 6 is to be, it seems the time would be now as Arnold is pushing 70 years of age.

We will continue to bring you more on this story as we hear it.
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