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Official Trailer Arrives For VIRUS: EXTREME CONTAMINATION!

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There is something special about that 1970's Italian Horror feel to a movie. Eerie and full of dread, those films captured an atmosphere that is rarely replicated these days. Director Domiziano Cristopharo took inspiration from the old school Italian Horror creating his Horror flick titled VIRUS: EXTREME CONTAMINATION. Said to be a cross between Lucio Fulci and John Carpenter, the film definitely has that seventies retro feel to it. The official trailer has arrived and we have that waiting for you below.

VIRUS: EXTREME CONTAMINATION stars Halil Budakova, Michael Segal, Rimi Beqiri, Merita Budakova, Vilson Spaqi, Adrian Vila, Hasan Lushi, Adem Kicaj, Avni Lushtaku, Faik Gashi, and Paola Barale. The film is loosely based on the H. P. Lovecraft short story "The Colour Out of Space."


"An Italian scientist moves to Kosovo to study the impact of a meteorite that is the cause of some strange events. Once there, he discovers that the object has been moved in a near military base where all the people were turned into dangerous weird creatures."

VIRUS: EXTREME CONTAMINATION is expected to be released sometime this year.
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