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Update On The Return Of TALES FROM THE CRYPT Within!

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TALES FROM THE CRYPT is a popular show based on EC Comics that originally aired on HBO from 1989-1996. Hosted by the Crypt Keeper himself, the long running series told many tales of Terror in a unique way that is still very effective to this day. There have also been different movie versions throughout the years in different forms.

A couple of months ago TNT announced that they will be partnering with M. Night Shyamalan to bring the much beloved Horror anthology series back to the small screen.

The plan was then laid out for TNT to create a new 2-hour block which will feature the return of TALES FROM THE CRYPT and will hopefully launch sometime this fall.

Very little is known at this point as to what the network or Shyamalan have planned to do with the project. We do know that it will be different from the HBO version, since TNT does not have the rights to use that particular Crypt Keeper, voiced by John Kassir. TNT has the task of creating their own take on the iconic show host.

There has been some heavy talk about Shyamalan's anthology having a different format than the HBO version, like as in an AMERICAN HORROR STORY route to where each season would tell one big story using all of the episodes.

This however may not be the case as Shyamalan recently spoke with /Film saying:

"You know, I can’t say 100% but I’m thinking right now, where I am, if you’d asked me this six months ago I would have a different answer, but where I am right now it’s more individual Black Mirror kind of stuff right now."

Regardless of anything we will continue to bring you more on TALES FROM THE CRYPT as it unfolds.
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