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News On The Next Season Of THE WALKING DEAD Within!

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Now that the sixth season finale of THE WALKING DEAD has come and gone, there is certainly a lot to take in. We finally saw the arrival of one of the most vicious characters to date in Negan, played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

*******Spoilers below if you have not seen the episode.

We saw Maggie having medical issues pertaining to her pregnancy and the gang trying their best to get her the help that she desperately needs when all hell broke loose and the Saviors surrounded the overwhelmed Alexandrians. Fear dominated the faces of the close family as they were forced down to their knees for the arrival of Negan and his barbed wire baseball bat Lucille. He then took his time and chose one unlucky member of the group to bash with his bat, only showing it from a bloody POV of the victim thus leaving the world with one incredible cliffhanger.

With the conclusion of the sixth season, we shall find out in Season 7 just who met the end of Lucille.

Showrunner Scott M. Gimple tells in regards to Negan and next season:

"The character is incredibly well done in the comic and yet he doesn't really have these dark motivations behind his actions," Gimple said during an interview with "I think with Negan it's about positive reinforcement. He's approached the world a certain way and the world has rewarded him again and again. We will see stories from his perspective but I do think that the guy you see is the guy he is. There won't be this sort of reveal behind the mask which I think is actually super challenging from a writing perspective but it's actually very refreshing and different for this type of villain."

He adds:

"I will say that there's something very honest about Negan," Gimple explains. "With the Governor, he was putting on an act, you know? He was this incredible politician that had heads in a tank but presented himself as this benevolent or even pragmatic dude but not showing just how screwed up he was. With Negan, what you see is what you get."

THE WALKING DEAD will return for Season 7 in October.
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