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Official Trailer Arrives For Creature Feature ARACHNICIDE!

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Are you a fan of Creature Feature films? If so then we have something that you may enjoy today. From director Paolo Bertola comes his giant tarantula Horror flick titled ARACHNICIDE aka L9 COMMANDO. The film has been trying to get a release for a couple of years now and Midnight Releasing will bringing this one to DVD next month. Head on down below to view the official trailer.

ARACHNICIDE stars Riccardo Serventi Longhi, Crisula Stafida, Gabriel Cash, Filippo Galati, and Marco Conte.


"After years of experimenting, a researcher succeeds in creating an incubator that accelerates plant and animal growth. This technology is controlled by a powerful criminal organization and is being used to accelerate the growth of plants needed for the manufacture of narcotics and illegal drugs. To counter this criminal organization and destroy the laboratories they operate, the United Nations put together an elite team of operatives.

The L9 Commando is a task force composed of six of the best soldiers from different Special Forces Units. After successfully taking down the drug operation, the L9 Commandos are called on for an important mission that brings them to Albania, where they discover a sinister plan that could destroy everything. Arachnicide or die!"

ARACHNICIDE is coming to DVD in the US on May 10th.
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