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Who Negan Was Before The Apocalypse Is Revealed!

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Season 6 of THE WALKING DEAD spent a lot of time hyping up the debut of Negan, played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Long before we even see his face we knew that he was someone that wasn't very friendly. Now that we know that he viciously attacked one of the main characters on the season finale, we still do not know a lot about this guy.

Thanks to THE WALKING DEAD comics, we can now get a better idea of who Negan is. Within the first four pages of Image Comics' "Here's Negan" story we learn that the man was a school teacher, as well as a ping-pong coach prior to the apocalypse.

The first page of the "Here's Negan" story was released earlier on this month, and the rest of the 48-page tale is set to be released in four-page increments per month. During the course of the first four pages, we see Negan coaching some children in a game of ping-pong, eventually humiliating one of the kids with sexual references and obscenities after winning.

Keep in mind that only four pages have been released, so there is still quite a bit of backstory left to be told on this character. The pages do indicate that Negan has a lot more going on for him than just ping-pong and school teaching as he is also in love with a woman. The television series has not offered any clue that this new villain could have had a special someone in his life, but we can only assume that she did not survive which could have led to him spiraling out of control.

Only time will tell as to what else may be revealed about Negan's past. Keep in mind that the TV series doesn't always follow the comic books.

THE WALKING DEAD will return to AMC this fall.
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