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Update On THE NIGHT STALKER Movie Within!

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The Night Stalker was an American rapist and burglar who brutally murdered at least 13 innocent people. Richard Ramirez was the Devil worshiping, drug induced maniac that terrorized L.A. residents back in the mid 1980s.

Last year we learned we learned that Lou Diamond Phillips would be taking on the role of Richard Ramirez in a film adaptation.

We have now learned that the Lifetime Movie Network has officially acquired the rights to the film.

THE NIGHT STALKER is written and directed by Megan Griffith and produced Laboratory Productions and MRB Productions, with Alisa Tager and Matthew R. Brady. In addition to Lifetime airing, the producers will be self-distributing the film into select theaters. One of the veunues will be the Frida Cinema in Santa Ana, which is not far from where Ramirez's killer spree came to an end during the summer of 1985.

THE NIGHT STALKER will take a fictional approach to the real life events. Bellamy Young co-stars with Phillips as:

"an attorney who travels to San Quentin on a seemingly impossible mission to clear the name of a death row inmate in Texas whom she believes has been wrongly accused of additional murders that may have been perpetrated by Ramirez."

THE NIGHT STALKER will premiere June 12th on the Lifetime Movie Network.
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