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A Major Change Coming For THE PREDATOR!

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1987 was the year that the iconic classic film PREDATOR was released onto the world. A very original and clever setting came along with it as a group of military soldiers found themselves deep within the jungle being hunted down one by one by a mysterious transparent killer alien. We learned quite some time ago that PREDATOR would be heading to the modern era courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox.

Back in 2014, Shane Black was picked to direct and also co-write the script for the new film along with Fred Dekker which will be titled THE PREDATOR. Black has made it known that his take was less of a reboot and more of an "inventive sequel," expanding the existing PREDATOR universe instead of retelling the original.

While out doing press for his newest film THE NICE GUYS, Black was asked about THE PREDATOR and revealed that a change to the Predator's costume is coming saying:

“It’s not to ‘improve,’ it’s to make it fun, make it different, make it organically different,” Black explains of the upcoming changes to the Predator costume. “So what’s the extension of it that makes sense, that’s exciting? There have been a lot of changes to Stan’s design over the years. These different Predator movies have done different things. Ultimately it’s not about design to me, it’s about the story you want to tell. There are people who are always going to agonize over Iron Man, what color his suit is. Maybe this weapon does a new thing, but if the story is not good I don’t give a sh*t what color the suit is. In THE PREDATOR, we’re doing a lot of upgrades to what you would consider to be the traditional Predator technology and look, but hopefully the story is what’s going to drag people in, not just the attention to the minutiae.”

Black has also previously stated that THE PREDATOR will be set in the present day and that he aims to make this an event movie, with as much money as it takes backing it.

THE PREDATOR currently has a release date set for March 2, 2018.
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