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"Nightmare on Elm Street" BoxSet SUPER DEAL on Amazon!!!

Check this out guys . . .

Normally at $60.98 now just $22.99 at

DaShape Thursday 11/27/2008 at 08:43 PM | 25813
Cool...I believe that's the exact same one I have. Bought mine years ago though...back then I think I paid $100 for
kweandee Thursday 11/27/2008 at 08:51 PM | 25816
Must be a Black Friday Sale... As tempting as it is, I'm going to have to pass on this one. Jill bought me the set that has 1-4 on 2 dics and than the one that has 5-V.S on 2 discs... So I have the entire set, Just not the boxed set.


Harry Warden Thursday 11/27/2008 at 08:57 PM | 25817
That's an amazing price for that set! I own it, bought if for $45 I think... and I condered that a great deal! I love it. If you don't have the Nightmares, I'd say snag it while you can.
Myers31TKD Thursday 11/27/2008 at 09:01 PM | 25819
This box set is the SHIZZLE. I suggest everyone pick it up.

Glauco!! Here is another smoking deal for you.
Evildsm Thursday 11/27/2008 at 10:10 PM | 25833

Nah. It's not Black Friday Sale. I seen this product a while ago when I was looking for my wish-list Christmas. The price is the same for few months now. I really wants this DVDs, but I have to wait until my birthday, lol. My dad bought too much of things for me on X-Mas, lol.
Gary Suyoru Friday 11/28/2008 at 07:41 PM | 25911
dont get me started on that i bought that set in 2000 for 140 bucks when it first came out
Johnny Bisco Saturday 11/29/2008 at 10:38 PM | 26046
dont get me started on that i bought that set in 2000 for 140 bucks when it first came out

LOL yea that was probably around when I bought it cause I remember buying it on sale from the wiz back when it still was like $108 plus tax or some shit like that... On a de note...this serves a point....smoking trees mostly effects only short term memory and in another couple of years I will remember all the stuff that went on over this year clear as
kweandee Saturday 11/29/2008 at 11:22 PM | 26054

Region 1 again... I have no luck with this...

L√úCKMANN Monday 12/01/2008 at 10:19 AM | 26237