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Update On The Sequel To Eli Roth's THE GREEN INFERNO Within!

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Being trapped in the Amazon jungle, having been kidnapped by a tribe that still practices cannibalism would be a true nightmare. Eli Roth's film THE GREEN INFERNO was designed to create pure fear. The movie made it's debut at TIFF back in 2013 and quickly thereafter it was announced that a sequel titled BEYOND THE GREEN INFERNO would be developed as well.

As things go, there were delays with the sequel project as there were with THE GREEN INFERNO itself, which saw a wide theatrical release two years after the announcement of it's sequel.

It would seem that the sequel would have been forgotten about with the original having had so many issues. The ending of THE GREEN INFERNO was left open for a follow-up film and it looks as though it could still be coming.

While sharing the news that Roth will be producing a new short that is based on a contest winner's one sentence pitch, "I didn’t have to outrun the serial killer; I just had to outrun my friend running beside me", The Wrap offered a bit of an update on the status of BEYOND THE GREEN INFERNO with the statement:

"(Roth) is currently in development on a sequel to his slacktivism slasher film “The Green Inferno.”

It isn't much to go on right now, but for fans of THE GREEN INFERNO this should offer some hope for those of you waiting on the sequel.

When BEYOND THE GREEN INFERNO was first announced, the plan was for Nicolas Lopez, (AFTERSHOCK) to direct from a script written by himself, Roth, and THE GREEN INFERNO co-writer Guillermo Amoedo. In the time since then, the same trio wrote KNOCK KNOCK, and Amoedo has also written and directed THE STRANGER.

We will continue to bring you more on BEYOND THE GREEN INFERNO as we hear it.
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