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Trailer For Edgar Allan Poe's LIGHTHOUSE KEEPER Is Within!

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Edgar Allan Poe departed Earth way back in 1849, leaving behind a story that he had yet to complete titled "The Light-House", which was written as if it were a journal written by a lighthouse keeper who has concerns about the safety of his lighthouse.

So when director Benjamin Cooper, and screenwriter Carl Edge teamed up to take on a new film that was based on Poe's final story, they knew that this was a chance of a lifetime. Also taking inspiration from the Roger Corman Poe adaptations, the result is their upcoming supernatural thriller titled LIGHTHOUSE KEEPER. Head on down below to view the trailer.

LIGHTHOUSE KEEPER was shot at the Point San Luis Lighthouse in San Luis Obispo, California. That lighthouse has stood there on the shore since 1890.

The film stars Vernon Wells along with co-stars Matt O'Neill, Rachel Riley, Monty Wall, Carl Edge, S. Daxton Balzer, and John Spencer File.


"A young man awakens alone on a remote beach, marooned there by a violent storm. Above the the rocky crags, a lighthouse stands like a sentinel. Injured and suffering from amnesia, the man seeks the help of Walsh, the enigmatic lighthouse keeper. Walsh tells him they are stranded until the ferry arrives in two weeks, and insists they are the sole inhabitants of the peninsula. But the man is haunted by fleeting glimpses of a beautiful young woman, and plagued by visions of hideous phantoms reaching out from the depths. As this horror tale races towards a mind bending finale, the man must confront the grotesque denizens of the night, or heed the lighthouse keeper's cryptic warning to "Always keep a light burning!"

With LIGHTHOUSE KEEPER now completed, it is set to tour the film festivals.
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