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Are you ready for a little more conjuring fun? The directing duo of Dan Walton, and Dan Zachary certainly are as they prepare for the release of their upcoming supernatural Horror film (previously titled BIND) now titled AMERICAN CONJURING. The movie has been kicking around for over two years now and will be arriving next month in Canada. Head on down below to view the new trailer that has arrived.

AMERICAN CONJURING stars Darren Matheson, Lynn Csontos, Mackenzie Mowat, and Chloe Bear.


“A young family who moves into a home with a dark and tragic history although they are unaware that it used to be an orphanage and now houses the tormented spirit of a deceased woman named Hester Corbett who killed herself in the basement. Upon their first night of moving into the home, the family soon realizes that something supernatural might be there with them as strange things start to happen.”

AMERICAN CONJURING is coming to DVD in Canada on June 21st.
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