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The CABIN FEVER Reboot Is Coming To Blu-ray/DVD!

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IFC Midnight and Scream Factory have joined forces to release the CABIN FEVER reboot onto Blu-ray and DVD this July. Executive Producer Eli Roth is happy to now have a reboot of his instant classic gorefest. Featuring all-new characters and all-new kills, CABIN FEVER also includes the featurette “The Making of CABIN FEVER” and theatrical trailer as bonus features.

Under the direction of Travis Zariwny, the film was shot from the exact same script that Roth previously directed back in 2002, as opposed to going through a long, delayed studio development process. One of the main differences between the two films besides the new actors are the death scenes. Roth says it was like "re-staging a play."

CABIN FEVER stars Gage Golightly, Matthew Daddario, Samuel Davis, Nadine Crocker, Dustin Ingram, and Louise Linton who portrays Deputy Winston.


"A flesh-eating virus makes a meal of 5 teens on spring break in a remote wood cabin in this update of Eli Roth’s classic gorefest, with all-new characters and all-new kills."

The film was produced by Evan Astrowsky, Christopher Lemole, and Tim Zajaros, and was executive produced by Roth, Cassian Elwes, Jerry Fruchtman, Peter Fruchtman and Ike and Jaclyn Suri.

Special Features:

- “The Making of Cabin Fever” featurette

- Theatrical trailer

CABIN FEVER will be available on Blu-ray and DVD July 5th.

You can pre-order your copy by Clicking HERE.
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