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Fresh News On The TALES FROM THE CRYPT Series Within!

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TALES FROM THE CRYPT is a popular show based on EC Comics that originally aired on HBO from 1989-1996. Hosted by the Crypt Keeper himself, the long running series told many tales of Terror in a unique way that is still very effective to this day. There have also been different movie versions throughout the years in different forms.

Several months ago TNT announced that they are partnering with M. Night Shyamalan to bring the much beloved Horror anthology series back to the small screen. TNT gave a 10-episode order for the TALES FROM THE CRYPT TV series which will be hosted by a new Crypt Keeper as part of a weekly multi-series Horror Block that Shyamalan will be overseeing, including TIME OF DEATH, a seasonal anthology series from IM Global Television as well as CREATURES, from Naegle Ink.

We have just learned that fans will be able to get in on the action as Wattpad, the story sharing website, has launched Wattpad Studios which will be teaming with Turner and the TALES FROM THE CRYPT TV series to allow user generated content to make it's way to actual episodes. TNT has plans to expand this process into other programming for future shows on TBS.

Senior vice president of digital ventures FOR TNT and TBS Justin Williams says:

"Our partnership with Wattpad is a perfect intersection of content and fan engagement, where fans actually have the chance to directly influence and, in some cases even have their material optioned and developed by our networks."

This idea is really big news as unknown writers will now have new opportunities to get their stories told.

We will continue to bring you more on TALES FROM THE CRYPT and as it unfolds.
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