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Negan's Mystery Victim Death Scene Has Been Filmed!

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Fans of AMC's THE WALKING DEAD are still in a frenzy over the controversial cliffhanger from the ending of Season 6. We finally saw the arrival of one of the most vicious characters to date in Negan, played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan. He crossed paths with some of the most beloved characters on the show with a death sentence looming for one of them.

The Alexandrians/Rick's group were making a desperate attempt to get Maggie some help, who was having complications with her pregnancy when all hell broke loose when a mass amount of Saviors surrounded them all.

Fear dominated the faces of Rick, Michonne, Glenn, Daryl, Rosita, Carl, Maggie, Aaron, Eugene, Abraham and Sasha as they were forced down to their knees as Negan slowly paced back and forth with his barbed wire baseball bat Lucille in hand. Taking his time to choose one unlucky member of the group to bash with his bat. He did just that but us as an audience only saw the attack from a bloody POV of the victim thus leaving the world of TWD fans in shock.

So the big question is, who dies? Well according to THR, the “11 cast members involved in the scene have already filmed a death scene. The Walking Dead producers and the episode director will then work with the show’s editors and pick the character who does indeed die.”

That is certainly a very clever way to keep everyone guessing until the season premiere.

Robert Kirkman has previously stated that the victim is “beloved to everyone.”

THE WALKING DEAD Season 7 will premiere on AMC this Fall.
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