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New Imagery Arrives For Season 3 Of FROM DUSK TILL DAWN!

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The El Rey Network is making preparations to bring us the third season of FROM DUSK TILL DAWN the series. Today we bring you a some images from the upcoming Season 3 which offer a glimpse into what is coming this time around. Head down below to have a look.

New cast additions include Tom Savini as Burt a retired pothead demon hunter, Ana de la Reguera playing Lord Venganza Verdugo who is one of the seven remaining culebra Lords, and Marko Zaror portraying Zolo, an Aztec warrior trained in Hell.

Maurice Compte and Nicky Whelan also join in on the fun with the returning cast consisting of D.J. Cotrona, Zane Holtz, Eiza González, Jesse Garcia, Madison Davenport, Brandon Soo Hoo, Emily Rios, and Jake Busey.

"Season three continues the Gecko brothers' saga as they fight their way through the world of culebras, the vampire-snake hybrids that control hidden empires in Texas and Mexico. Once the baddest outlaws in the land, Seth and Richie made a run for the Border two years ago to save their lives - and their fortune. They ran headlong into a bar full of bloodsuckers and bandits, facing off with the vampire goddess Santánico. The Geckos joined her cause, and they settled an old score. It won them a place in the culebra world. Now that world is about to explode, and new enemies are gathering - dark forces, hell-bent on destruction and domination. It's up to the Geckos to stop them - but they can't do it alone."

As Season 3 unfolds, Kate Fuller (Madison Davenport) - once a Bible-thumping teenager from small-town Texas - finds herself transformed by something dark and powerful. She's not the sweet girl we met in Season 1. L to R - David Stanford (Psychiatrist), Madison Davenport (Kate Fuller)

Just like the third act of the film, we're blowing the lid off the Dusk universe in Season 3, but we're also continuing to mash-uphorror and action and Mesoamerican myth. That means new demons, new monsters - and crazy new threats. L to R - Shad Gaspard (Olmeca)

Dusk has always been a Gecko Brothers story, and Seth (D.J. Cotrona) and Richie (Zane Holtz) are definitely back. When Season 3 opens, they're working for the culebra crime bosses - but when that world gets blown up, the boys start putting together a crew to take on a dark new threat. L to R - D.J. Cotrona (Seth Gecko), Zane Holtz (Richie Gecko)

Santanico Pandemonium (Eiza González), once imprisoned inside the temple under the Titty Twister, has found a new life for herself in the outside world. She's actually happy! All that gets shattered when the Geckos show up to recruit her into the fight. L to R - Eiza González (Santánico Pandemonium), Gabrielle Walsh (Manola Jimenez)

Season 3 amps up the action in our world. It wouldn't be Dusk without a good, gory scare - or a good ol' fashioned brawl. L to R - D.J. Cotrona (Seth Gecko), Dennis Keiffer (Caliman)

FROM DUSK TILL DAWN season will consist of ten episodes and is set to air this Fall on The El Rey Network.
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