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ON THE BRAIN Is Coming To DVD - Trailer Within!

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When deception thickens within the system of the desert town of Golden Torch, panic ensues as a Blood bath becomes unavoidable in director Kevin Stevenson’s upcoming film ON THE BRAIN. The movie is based off of the Ina Gay Trask short story "The Dangerous Season." This one is coming to DVD very soon from Brain Damage Films and Midnight Releasing. Head on down below to view the official trailer.

ON THE BRAIN stars Danny Hansen, Shenik Taylor, Sharon Frederickson, Amy Waller, Jonathan Cousens, Cynthia Dane, Frankie Ray , Bruce Kirkpatrick, Ashley Devane, Deirdre Lyons, Joe Karam, Tony Paldolfo, Dan Sutter, Cassie Carpenter, and Zenaida Gorbea.


"A newly appointed Sheriff, Kelly Jarvis, discovers something is wrong with the sleepy desert town of Golden Torch. After shooting a man in self-defense, the town begins to question his motives. With help from his lover and local Doctor, he fights to control the situation and the incumbent Mayor who wants to frame him for murder. Upon discovering a disease that has infected the bucolic town, the Mayor leaves a trail of blood as she tries to clean up the situation. The Sheriff must fend off the Mayor as the body count rises. With a blood bath for a town, the Sheriff and the Doctor fight to save the townsfolk from the infection before the Mayor silences them all."

ON THE BRAIN will be available on DVD July 12, 2016.
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